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What is agility?

The sport of dog agility was born in England in the late 1970's as entertainment at the Crufts dog show. It was introduced to the US in 1985 and has grown by leaps and bounds ever since!

Agility is a sport open to any dog - purebred or mixed. Working as a team, the dog and handler race against the clock to complete an obstacle course. Your pet will learn to leap over jumps, run through tunnels, navigate through weave poles & lots more! You can choose to perform agility competitively or just for fun, but in either case it’s a great way to meet new friends who share common interests & love their canines like you do.

However, agility is actually much, much more... It is about learning to communicate and connect with your dog; it is about becoming a team while having fun. Agility provides a constructive outlet for your dog's energy. It builds confidence, develops self-control, and refines off-leash obedience skills.

There are several agility organizations that sanction agility trials, and these trials are held by agility clubs. The organizations that are predominant in the Chicago area include:

Each of these organizations has their own rules and regulations for agility trials, and all allow any breed of dog (including mixed breeds) to compete.

For more detailed information on agility, check out
Dog Agility on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia.

The first Crufts agility course

The first agility course

KDC's Student Accomplishments

Rue First Agility Q June 2019

Rue, First Agility Q, June 2019

Frank and Jack

Frank and Jack, First AKC Agility Q's,  June 2019

Jack C-ATCH Agility Title

Jack C-ATCH, April 2017

Toby 1000 points CPE agility

Toby, 1000 point title, February 2017

Coco C-ATCH agility championship

Coco C-ATCH, January 2017

Tillie Didrickson CT-ATCH agility championship

Tillie CT-ATCH, January 2016

Deb and Marlow earn their agility 1000 point title

In May 2015, Marlow and Deb earned their 1000 point title.

Sam and Tommy earned their C-ATCH

In November 2014, Sampson and Kim earned their CT-ATCH and T-Lee and Kim earned their CT-ATCH3 on the same day!

Gina earned her 1000 point title

In November 2014, Gina & Kim earned their 1000 point title!

Kim and T-Lee earned their C-ATCH agility title

In November 2012, T-Lee & Kim earned their C-ATCH!

T-Lee earned his C-ATCH agility title

C-ATCH Tommy Lee

Madra & Marcia earned their C-ATCH agility title

In October 2012, Madra & Marcia earned their C-ATCH!

Madra  earned  C-ATCH agility title

C-ATCH Madra Ann

Henley's first Q in agility

Team Henley’s first “Q”

Marlow's first Q in agility

Team Marlow’s first “Q”

Chuck Norris's first Q in agility

Team Chuck Norris’s first “Q”

Coco's first Q in agility

Team Coco Chanel’s first “Q”

Nico's first Q in agility

Team Nico’s first “Q”

Tillie's first Q in agility

Team Tillie’s first “Q”

Riley and Lola's first Q's in agility

Team Lola and Team Riley's first “Q's”

Team Toby's 1st Q's in agility

Team Toby's “Q's”

Team Toby's 1st Q's in agility

Team Toby's “Q's”

Agility Team DBA

Team DBA

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“Kim- Thank you. Your class was great. Oscar and I learned a lot. Since Oscar is my 3rd dog, I've had experience with other classes. What was wonderful and different about yours was that you taught us and encouraged us to have fun with our dogs; also you focused on our relationship with our dog and helped us appreciate how special that is. We hope to be back for the next class.”-Cynthia

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